Etiquette Classes for Everybody

Serving DuPage County and the Chicago Area

Etiquette is All About Respect, Kindness, and Consideration

Good manners are an important part of life, and exercising proper etiquette skills should be an everyday habit for everyone—including children.

Etiquette is often just common sense. Yet, common sense is not always common information. Everybody from leading CEO’s to successful athletes to devoted stay-at-home moms and dads can sometimes feel uncertain of themselves during social and business events.

The spirit of etiquette endures at Etiquette for Everybody. It’s always grounded in making others feel welcome, comfortable, and respected. It’s about a certain lightness of spirit, along with caring and empathy.

Etiquette flows out of a gracious and loving heart and does not need to be rigidly followed like a set of commandments. Our training is rooted in the etiquette triangle — respect, kindness, and consideration for self and others. It involves putting others first while not putting ourselves down.

Good Manners Create the Best Impressions!

Guidelines for proper etiquette and protocol have been around for years, but they are more important now than ever before. Knowing how to maneuver your way through a wide variety of settings and situations allows you to come across with charm and savvy. You feel comfortable and at ease, and you get noticed as someone who makes others feel comfortable, too.

Etiquette skills and social graces give you the ability and confidence to win people over in the seven seconds you have to create a positive first impression. Proper etiquette gives you an edge in both business and social situations.

It’s never too early or too late to start. We invite you to explore this website to discover the various classes available for you and family members of all ages. Etiquette for Everybody is here to help all of you become well versed as you travel through life.

We strive to make this training as convenient as possible for you. We have an etiquette-will-travel philosophy which means leaders come to you—your home, a conference room, library, school, or a quiet nook in a restaurant or hotel lobby.

The leaders at Etiquette for Everybody are happy to customize a program to meet your specific needs. Send us an e-message requesting more information.