About Founder Patt Karubus

Patt—and her fellow etiquette teachers—believe it’s never too early to practice good manners, and it is never too late to learn!

Over the years, they have noticed with growing dismay the disintegrating quality of face-to-face interaction and communication. With so much business and socializing taking place online, the ability to show respect, kindness, and consideration seems to have taken a back seat to the need for unfiltered, immediate responses.

Patt and other etiquette leaders picture a more respectful world, where children say “Please” and “Thank you,” teens put away their cell phones during dinner, and colleagues listen to each other without interrupting.

More about Patt

Patt Karubus teaches manners and etiquette in the Chicago areaAs a leading-edge human resources professional, adult trainer, and child researcher, Patt knows how to gently guide and encourage children and adults toward the use of good manners. She helps people of all ages manage their social and business situations with confidence.

Her primary goal, as a kids’ etiquette teacher, is to work with parents to foster self-confidence, caring, and consideration among their children. She envisions a world where youngsters handle with ease the challenging situations they confront while growing up.

As a business coach, Patt counsels and advises men and women in the best ways to present themselves to hiring companies. A compelling resume and a confident manner are critical, and Patt shows candidates how to shine on paper and in person during their various career encounters.

Etiquette for Everybody

As a certified etiquette and manners expert and teacher, Patt provides the “edge” that propels students to higher achievement and greater satisfaction in life.  

Formal studies have included the Protocol School of Washington, and she holds certificates in Etiquette Training for Children and Teens from the Etiquette Moms organization. She has also been approved by the State of Illinois to provide continuous professional development units (CPDUs).