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Airport Courtesy: Not a contradiction in terms

Today’s struggling economy and constantly shifting world of work and social obligations has stress coming at us from every side. You’re bombarded by instant communication, accessible 24/7, and swamped with floods of information. We know those around us appreciate kindness, … Continue reading

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Children Etiquette Training

Certified Etiquette and Manners Training for Kids and Teens We compliment the efforts and influence of parents by teaching youngsters of all ages basic etiquette skills and manners. The Classy and Confident Kids’ Academy presents 2-hour Mini-Manners classes for your group of children, ages 6 to 12. We … Continue reading

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My Suburban Life – Etiquette For Everybody

Etiqutte For Everybody Inspires Good Manners Allison Horne of Surburban Life Publications (Western Suburbs) outlines the inspiration behind Etiqutte For Everybody and the type of contemporary services and programs they provide. “Etiquette for Everybody programs offer a more contemporary etiquette. … Continue reading

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Daily Herald Review – Etiquette for Everybody

Etiquette a skill that will benefit kids into adulthood Chelsey Boutan from the Daily Herald writes about how etiqutte can benefit children into adulthood and features Etiquette For Everybody teachers and etiquette experts, Patt Karubus and Kathy Strickland. Etiquette for … Continue reading

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Get Great Results from Your Business E-mails: 5 Tips to Keep ’em Snappy

Your shoes are polished, the PowerPoint presentation was impressive, and the client conference call went effortlessly. Now, extend the same degree of preparation, attention to detail, and confidence to your electronic messages. Unfortunately, most of today’s e-messages do not live … Continue reading

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