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The Classy and Confident Kids Academy
Good manners and social skills form the foundation of success in life. Poise and self-confidence help young people feel good about themselves. The child with a healthy self-esteem becomes the adult with a positive sense of self. By learning to blend contemporary manners with traditional etiquette, kids are at ease with adults, with their peers, and most importantly, with themselves.

The Classy and Confident Kids’ Academy presents 1- and 2-hour Mini-Manners Classes for your group of children, ages 6 to 12. We welcome Girl and Boy Scout troops, sports/school teams, and dance/martial arts classes.


You don’t have a pre-existing group of youngsters? No problem! Gather a minimum of 6 children together—by involving neighbors, friends, and family—and you’ll be eligible for on-site etiquette training. The Academy comes to a location of your choice—a parent’s home, office conference room, school, church, library … you name it.

We customize sessions to meet the needs of kids in your group. Classes are offered at a quick pace to keep youngsters engaged. Sessions are fun and interactive, and lessons are complemented by games and activities geared toward fostering good manners. There’s serious instruction combined with lots of laughter.

The sessions focus on common courtesies, guidelines for politeness and respect, accepting differences and diversity, managing conflict, along with developing dining and social skills.

Leaders can further tailor content to prepare kids for special occasions and situations—such as weddings, parties, and sleepovers.

Private lessons for families can be easily arranged, too.

Descriptions of Etiquette Classes Offered

Creating a Good First Impression When Meeting People

As the old saying goes, “You have only one chance to make a good first impression.” This class is designed to instill in youngsters the importance of good manners when being introduced to people for the first time.

During this class, we emphasize respectful behaviors such as good eye contact, firm handshakes, and making small talk.

Children have opportunities to role-play various social situations—allowing for greater participation, more fun, and better retention.

Making Introductions

A complementary class to the one above, this session shows kids how to introduce themselves and others. They come to understand that the most important thing to remember about introductions is to make them, not avoid them.

Through role playing various social situations—complete with effective props—children overcome shyness by practicing introductions and learning how to put others at ease when meeting someone new.

Getting and Giving Compliments

Instead of feeling uncomfortable or discounting an admiring remark, this class helps children understand how to act appropriately when receiving compliments.

Also in this session, youngsters practice how to give genuine compliments.

Writing Thank-You Notes

People love to get thank-you notes because they know a gift has been received and because it just makes them feel good. This is especially true when the note is from a child.

Leaders at the Academy teach youngsters the basic guidelines of writing thank-you notes as a means of showing someone they’re appreciated. We instruct children on how to show respect even when receiving a gift they don’t like or need.

Older students are taught to convey their appreciation by including the intangibles in their notes—thoughtfulness, generosity, timeliness of the gift, and the trouble someone has gone to.

Kids practice with supplies provided—cards, writing instruments, and stickers.

Phone Etiquette

Children practice proper use of the telephone, including etiquette surrounding cell phones. Leaders act out various telephone conversations, using poor etiquette, with youngsters calling out bad behaviors. This is followed by kids role-playing different situations—complete with phones and other props—and group exercises that reinforce their learning


Proper etiquette for online communications, including text messaging, is taught in this class. We address the need for correct spelling, proper grammar, appropriate forwarding of messages, along with avoiding all caps and disrespectful comments.

Role playing and group exercises reinforce concepts presented to children.

Self-Confidence and Self-Respect

Leaders of the Academy believe it’s critical for young people to establish a healthy sense of self-confidence early in life. This class helps kids to understand the definition of confidence — knowing you can do anything and everything you put your mind to or knowing you have done your best, if ending up shy of the ultimate goal. Youngsters are also taught to value the non-verbal signals of confidence such as overall attitude and how they walk, talk, and dress.

Class activities highlight being kind to oneself as well as others, along with children learning how to confidently deal with conflict using the 3 C’s (Cool, Calm, Collected). Depending on time and overall objectives of the group, students may create a confidence bracelet—a visual reminder that all things are possible.

The “Mealtime Creatures” and Ways to Counter Them

Children learn about inappropriate behaviors during mealtime in this class—one of the Academy’s most popular.

no cranky pants table mannersCranky Pants comes to the table with a frown on its face and bad attitude. SlobberGobbleRex talks its way through the meal with spaghetti, beans, and other food flying all over everyone and everything.

With a lighthearted approach, youngsters have fun relating to the Creatures and work with leaders to identify the proper behaviors to rid mealtime of these creatures.

Dining Etiquette and Social Skills

The objective of this session is to teach modern guidelines for dining so youngsters feel comfortable and confident in dining situations. It is an effective complement to the Mealtime Creatures class.

In addition to identifying and discussing the most common dining mistakes, topics include proper table settings, appropriate use of utensils and napkins, and eating difficult foods with ease.

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