Etiquette for Adults

In today’s global marketplace, it’s imperative for women and men to complement their technical abilities and MBA’s with soft-skills. These are the behaviors that allow professionals to effectively interact with people from all levels of society and from all parts of the world.

Recent studies have shown 85% of a person’s success in getting a job, keeping it, and advancing beyond is based on people skills, not technical capabilities. When you consider how many business matters are settled over a meal, it becomes necessary for professionals to understand how to project a savvy, confident, and charming image in all business and social situations.

Etiquette skills are not an option; they are a requirement for success and allow you to operate from a position of strength and authority. Good manners create great impressions, and this translates to a cutting-edge difference that distinguishes you from the rest of the competition.

A sample of topics for adults covered by leaders of Etiquette for Everybody includes:

  • Preparing for a job search
  • Creating an action-oriented resume
  • Job interview skills
  • Making a good first impression
  • Dressing for success
  • Savvy introductions
  • Handshaking and social greetings
  • Effective communication skills
  • Business dining etiquette
    • Roles and responsibilities of a confident host and gracious guest
    • The Basics—silverware, glasses, place settings, and napkins
    • How to correctly use utensils
    • American and Continental dining styles
    • Wine etiquette
    • Toasting tips
    • Guidelines for ordering, seating, paying, and tipping
  • Travel etiquette and customs (see “When in Rome…” below)

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“When in Rome … ”

Guidelines of behavior exist in every country, and are understood as the correct way to act in everyday life. However, what is considered correct is often culture specific. What works in Tallahassee may be frowned upon in Tokyo. And, what’s okay in Tokyo won’t necessarily fly in Trinidad.

Your next trip abroad will be productive and rewarding with help from Etiquette for Everybody. You’ll learn to navigate unfamiliar territory when managing an international meeting or event.

  • We research proper business etiquette, social norms, and cultural differences.
  • All of what we discover is presented to you in an easy-to-transport binder that serves as a powerful guide throughout your travels.