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Etiqutte For Everybody Inspires Good Manners

Allison Horne of Surburban Life Publications (Western Suburbs) outlines the inspiration behind Etiqutte For Everybody and the type of contemporary services and programs they provide.

“Etiquette for Everybody programs offer a more contemporary etiquette. Classes range from writing a proper thank-you note to making a good first impression. As part of the original business plan, Get-it done Gurus co-founders Patt Karubus of Glen Ellyn and Kathy Strickland of Lisle focused on working with children. But as time went on, Karubus and her partner realized that it wasn’t just kids that needed etiquette assistance.”

“One of the things that we teach kids is that we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason – we should all spend more time listening than talking.”

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