Etiquette & Manners for the Teen Scene

Give Your Older Kids an Edge! Good Manners Create the Best Impressions!

The Classy and Confident Kids Academy

“Suddenly, you’re almost an adult! It happened so fast that you and your parents can’t understand it, but all at once you are faced with a whole new set of problems. More than anything else, you want to emerge from constant supervision, to become independent, and to choose a social life of your own. And yet, because you are constantly confronted with new situations, you need the guidance and support of your parents. You are, in a sense, betwixt and between, and while the condition brings the fun of entering an adult world, it brings the trials as well. Etiquette, by giving you guidelines on how to act in almost every situation involving contact with other people, provides a bridge. Not only a bridge between you and your parents, but a bridge between your old childhood world and the world (that) you are entering.” — “The Emily Post Book of Etiquette For Young People”, by Elizabeth Post published in 1967.

Teenagers also benefit from etiquette training, so consider a one or two-hour Mini-Manners program for them. They face more challenges than ever before, given our world of technology that touches their lives in so many ways. The Classy and Confident Kids’ Academy equips older kids with the skills necessary to face life’s uncertainties with a sense of confidence and control.

Polished manners and appropriate behaviors allow them to rise above the crowd as they go through life. They’ll make great first impressions in school, the workplace and while socializing, through acts of kindness, respect, and finesse.

Gather a minimum of 6 older kids together—by involving neighbors, friends, and family—and you’ll be eligible for on-site etiquette training. The Academy comes to a location of your choice.

Choose from sessions focusing on …

  • Basic protocol and contemporary manners
  • How to create great first impressions through poise, body language, and personal grooming
  • Making introductions with ease
  • Graceful conduct during various types of social gatherings
  • Dining skills and table manners
  • Effective conversation and communications skills
  • ‘Netiquette, and other tips for the electronic world
  • Preparing for college visits and managing entrance essays

Upon request, Academy leaders present classes covering special situations, occasions, and circumstances. Scenarios may involve proper behavior during receiving lines, hospital visits, funerals, and weddings, prom and homecoming tips, and graduation etiquette.

Private lessons for families can be easily arranged, too.

Via an e-message, tell us what you want covered, and we’ll talk about creating a program to meet the specific needs of your teens.