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Life Skills and Effective Interviewing Skills 

 “I just started in my new position this week and wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance. I am so grateful to have met you and for all that you’ve taught me. When I googled ‘interview skills training’ I had no idea what to expect, but the outcome was better than I could have imagined. The process you taught allowed me to finally showcase my skills and abilities to my interviewer in a way that even he didn’t expect. With your help, I was able to thoughtfully and thoroughly answer every question presented to me I left the interview without any regrets (a first for me). I look forward to using these skills in my new career and in everyday life. My [new boss] is still talking about the interview, and how well I fit the position. Thanks again for everything.”
 — Chrissy, Naperville
“Patt’s advice was incredibly helpful for me. Although I wasn’t entirely sure my resume needed much work at the beginning, I was amazed to see how much it improved when I compared my final resume to my original one. The current version looks much more robust, professional, and appealing, and it tells much more about me and my abilities than my old resume did. At this point, I have only sent it out to a few prospective employers, but already I’m receiving a lot of attention …”
          —  Kevin, River Forest
“I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me. Thanks to you, I was well prepared for all my interviews and ended up landing my dream job. Thank you for grooming me into the person I am today. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”
       —   John, Lake Forest
“I had the pleasure of working with Patt for the purpose of obtaining the skills necessary to best prepare me for finding employment. During the process, she improved my interviewing skills through practice sessions, polished up my resume after learning about my specific skills [and talents], and was able to give strategic opinions during a time when you tend to feel very polarized. Her responses are direct and honest to recreate an HR Department that wants to extract as much information [as possible] in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Patt to anyone seeking employment who needs to refine their job hunting skills. [Her counseling will be] specifically tailored toward you.”
        —  John, Yorkville
“The current job market can get competitive, but when it comes to interviewing, Patt offers effective advice that achieves immediate results. Based on a holistic approach tailored to specific needs, Patt shared her impactful strategy in differentiating the job candidate both on paper and in person. Her advice is widely applicable, and will benefit anyone who is looking to make a positive and lasting impression with employers. I am delighted to say Patt has guided me to consecutively move interviews forward with many different companies, and I now have multiple offers. If you seek the personal skills and confidence required to better control the interview process, I highly encourage you to get in touch with Patt.”
          — Matt, Winfield
“Thank you for all you’ve done to increase my confidence and to help me take ownership of the [career] journey I’ve embarked on. Your knowledge, approach, and kindness is much appreciated.”
        — Marcia, River Forest
“Patt had me from the moment she explained an employer”s ‘WIIFM’ (What’s In It For Me?) approach to resumes and cover letters. Patt is a thorough and astute listener, respectful and upbeat. Her writing skills are both concise and elegant, guiding me to craft a resume and cover letter that represent me well and match my skills to those a prospective employer needs. Having been inspired by Patt’s confident approach, I feel much more comfortable in undertaking a job search, as well as optimistic about the opportunities and my certainty of success. She provided the right counsel and expertise at just the right time.”
       — Michelle, Oak Park
From the minute I met Patt, she knew exactly how to help me improve my interview skills. I am even more confident going to interviews than before. I am still job searching, but I am more positive than ever that I am doing the best I can in interviews, and am certain I will be employed in the future. I know how to impress interviewers thanks to Patt’s extremely kind, constructive criticism and knowledge.
       — Amy, River Forest

Testimonials for Etiquette Classes …

… from the adults

“This is our 3rd year working with Patt and her team.  Convincing 16 & 17 year olds that etiquette is important and they can learn while having fun is always the challenge.  The ladies are so professional and each have a different specialty to offer.  Our number of students keeps growing and the students really enjoy the workshop.  This year, students said “This was fun! And I learned something!”, “I know how to do certain things like set a table, but I did not know why we did it that way.  The ladies knew the history and made it interesting”, and “I never knew that I could eat chicken with a knife and fork and salad is tricky”.  As a teacher, my pride is seeing the students at a formal event practicing what they learned.  They did a great job.  Thank you Patt, Kay and Julie!  Until next year!”
          — Angela Miceli – Holy Trinity High School, Chicago

“I am writing this letter to recommend Etiquette for Everybody. I had teachers come to our library … for an etiquette program for adults. Patt was exceptionally easy to work with, not only when scheduling the program, but also with understanding the direction we wanted to go with our program and the audience we wanted to reach. I even had to change dates due to unforeseen circumstances, and she was very flexible in adjusting the program day and time. She was also easy to work with on pricing and numbers for our library as well.

During the program, they had great visual aids … and they were open to patron questions. We had geared our program toward the show Downton Abbey, and they incorporated this theme into their presentation as well. Comments from our program feedback surveys were all positive and indicated patrons wanted a longer presentation or another program to gain every more knowledge on the topic of proper dining skills.

Patt had indicated they have different setups and various presentations based on the audience, so there are many different avenues to explore for program possibilities.

I would definitely hire Etiquette for Everybody again and recommend [them] as a great library program for any age!”

— Sarah Robertson, Adult Services Manager, Three Rivers Public Library District

“Many thanks to you for the presentation on etiquette you gave at our recent meeting. It was both informative and entertaining, and we were so pleased that you could be a part of our gathering! This is information for all ages, and you did a stellar job. If you find that your ears are burning, it may be that we are enthusiastically telling others of the presentation! We thank you as a chapter.”
         —  P.E.O., Western Springs

“All kids need someone to love them, and believe in them, and you are a shining example of that “someone!” At a time when so many are worried about the economy and challenges they are facing in their own lives, you put the needs of the youth in our community first. We have received your donation … to teach life skills to our youth … We are so grateful for your donation. Together, we are changing the lives of children and ensuring their success and happiness.”
        — Ron Hume, Executive Director,  360 Youth Services

“We at 360 Youth Services would like to thank you for again donating your time at our monthly life skills presentations…  Your presentation on appropriate table manners is very beneficial to the residents of our homeless housing programs. These young men and women … will benefit from the skills they learned during your presentation, as they are all working on preparing for independent living.

Without individuals like you, our work with the young men and women would be impossible to complete. We thank you for taking the time to present on this very important topic.”

— Damir Djidic, MA, Program Manager, 360 Youth Services

 “We want to thank you for your informative [lunch ‘n learn] presentation. I know the guys definitely got some good information to benefit their business lunches.”
          — Kim, Mark, and Gregg

Thank you so much.  I think each of us learned something new (including the adults)  :). I loved how well the children listened and took it very seriously.  I think it was the presenters that made this possible.  Thanks  for your dedication and presentation to our children. It was very enjoyable.  Each of my girls said they had a lot of fun and learned so many new things.”

— Katie, mother of and aunt to several delightful and attentive children

“Just wanted to tell you what a delight this afternoon was for the kids.  They totally enjoyed it all.   The class was an amazing  pleasure.  We all learned something new and very important.  Thanks again for making it such fun!”
      — Cathy, grandmother of four fabulous children
“Dear Miss Patt:
I am writing to thank you and Miss Julie for the wonderful job that you did educating my children and their friends and neighbors about etiquette. You introduced them to concepts of: proper introductions, dining etiquette, writing thank-yous, social etiquette (and being kind to, and including others), and concepts of chivalry (which, especially as a mom of four boys, I feel is very important and a bit of a lost art). Not only did you introduce these topics, you had them act it out and made it fun! They enjoyed their classes.
 Now, when they get off track and begin to forget what they learned, I pull out your handy notes to jog their memories. It’s funny how they remember what they should do even when they don’t always act on it. But, your guide serves as the perfect key on what to practice.
 The kids have told their friends and teachers about you and their experience at “Manners Camp” last summer. A few parents have asked about you, and some teachers have indirectly applauded your methods for teaching etiquette and proper social interaction in a fun way.
 You far exceed my expectations of what I was hoping to achieve by hosting “Manners Camp” at my house last summer. I am grateful for the effort and care you put forth in teaching my children and their friends. What a wonderful service you provide! Truly, THANK YOU!!!
P.S. We may need a bit of a refresher course this summer. I will likely be calling you soon.”
       — Kelly, mom of 2015 “Manners Camp” graduates Liam, Charlie, Jack & Danny
“Thank you very much for the wonderful manners presentation you gave to our Girl Scout troop. The girls really enjoyed it, and seemed to learn a great deal on the subjects taught. We did, too! Manners are truly a gift.”
       — Lisa and Laurie, Leader Moms
“We had an informative and fun time tonight. [We] both … learned things along with the girls. Thank you.”
         —  Miss Liz, 8th-grade girls church group leader

“We got a kick out of watching the girls and listening to their adorable comments and contributions to the lessons. The skits and hats were pretty cute, too. We both agreed the hand-shaking scenarios were very important and most likely not talked about too much in other households. We will pass along your information to other Scout groups … confidence (but not arrogance) is greatly needed for younger girls — and boys! Thank you again!”

— Vicki, Leader Mom

… from  the kids

“Thank you for teaching us manners! You taught me all I know.”
— Emma, age 8
“Thank you for teaching us good manners and [how to be] respectful ….”
— Madison, age 9
“Thank you for teaching me about manners. I really liked all the games. I wish I could do another class.
Love, Sophia”
“It was nice to meet you, and thank you for teaching me. I practice my manners every day.
Love, Ariana”
“Thank you for helping me learn my manners.
Love, Nora”
“Thank you for working with us. I learned so much from you guys, and I had so much fun.
Love, Caroline”
“Thank you for teaching us manners. I enjoyed making the ‘fake’ phone calls.”
— Devin, age 8
“Thank you for our manners class. It was fun, and I learned a lot.”
— Lily, age 9

“Etiquette for Everybody inspires masters of good manners”Etiquette for Everybody in the News